Ivanovs Lecture on November 20th

In the framework of a charity event, on this Friday, November 20th 2009, at 12.40 artist Ritums Ivanovs, painter and member of "Cēsinieku klubs", shall give a lecture at Vecpiebalga primary school Taurene. The cycle of lectures is organised by Cēsinieku klubs, a society of well-known people who originally come from the town of Cesis and the goal is to give lectures about topics that could turn out to be useful in future careers and education, targeting the youth and kids in and around Cesis

Members of Cēsinieku klubs giving lectures include lecturer Rolands Tjarve, ARIKO ReServ consultant Ieva Riekstiņa, actor and director of Top Tap Company Māris Pūris, Liene Ozolkāja of Pedersen&Partners and others.

The goal of the club is to promote the welfare of the area and its people with joining intellectual and other resources, that can be offered by former and present inhabitants of Cesis.


Cēsinieku klubs

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