Photo: Maris Locmelis, Photostudio Sunsstudio

Ritums Ivanovs' painting is hyperrealistic yet unique. His focus is always on the interplay between the spectator, the portrayed person and the artist. The captured emotions, which arise by looking at the finished artworks, are powerful testimonies of our time. Ivanovs lines up his scenes and portraits just like film sequences. By taking fragments of an indefinite reality, a new reality is emerging that casts a spell on the spectator like an untamed dream in a twilight sleep that you think you can influence. In the end you have experienced everything, uncertain about what is dream and what is reality. 

Ritums Ivanovs uses precise and hyperrealist depictions of reality and bright polychromatism typical of Op Art. Working in his unique linear technique, he paints portraits and nudes on exceptionally large-scale canvasses (up to 145 x 250 cm). He most often uses a photo as a basis, yet sketches and paints his works completely freehand. The main subjects of Ritums Ivanovs’ works involve human emotions, in both dramatic and subtle styles. His images contain real people from his life (solo show “Girl”), photographic images from print material – from art history books (solo show “Heroes”) or from showbiz ads (portraits of the “Depeche Mode” musicians), and even from erotic magazines (solo show “Erotic film”).  The artist’s first solo exhibition took place in Riga Gallery in 1999. Ivanovs has had 28 solo shows in Latvia and abroad, numerous group exhibitions and he regularly participates at art fairs. In 2009, a Ritums Ivanovs painting "Frame 05" was sold at the Sotheby's auction in London, verifying the quality of his oeuvre and paving the way to international success. The painter’s works are included in collections of Latvian National Museum of Art, State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, private collections in Latvia and abroad.


October 17th, 1968 in Cesis, Latvia


1980 – 87    Janis Rozentals Art School
1987 – 94    Latvian Art Academy
1994 – 95    Humboldt State University, CA, USA
1996            Master of Arts, Latvian Art Academy
Member of Artists' Union of Latvia since 1999

Select personal exhibitions

2018 White Light. Bastejs Gallery, Riga, Latvia
    Andris Bērziņš. State commission of President's portrait. Presidential Castle, Riga, Latvia
2017     Insights. Feld+Haus Gallery, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2016     Galerie Kohler, Geneva, Switzerland
     Connect. Bastejs Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2013     Symbol of Illusion, Bastejs Gallery, Riga, Latvia
     Symbol of Illusion, Rietumu Bank Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2012     Public and Private. Valdis Zatlers. State commission of President's portrait. Gallery Riga, Latvia
2012     GAGA DANCE. Gallery Riga, Latvia
2011     AMY. KATE. GAGA. Gallery Riga, Latvia
2011     LIGHTS ON. Qatar ExxonMobil Open, Doha, Qatar
2010     STARS. LIGHTS ON. Gallery Riga, Latvia
2008     Dreamers, Gallery Riga, Latvia/Catalogue
2005     Exposed, Gallery Riga, Latvia/Catalogue
2004     Optical Diffusion, Gallery Eva Poll, Berlin, Germany /Catalogue            
              Retrospektive, Gallery Centrs, Riga, Latvia
2003     Paintings, Warsaw National Library, Poland
              Picasso+ Ivanovs+ Amelkovics, Gallery Pedants, Riga, Latvia
2002     Erotic Movie, Gallery Riga, Riga, Latvia/Catalogue
              Depeche Mode paintings, L’Artiste, Tallinn, Estonia
2001    The Heroes, Gallery Riga, Riga, Latvia/Catalogue
             Optical Energy, Gallery Cite des Arts, Paris, France
             Paintings, Tsink Plekk Pang, Tartu, Estonia

Select group exhibitions

Spezifikation #39. Curator’s Choice. Feld+Haus Gallery, Frankfurt am Main / Germany
Karosta Water Tower, Karosta festival, Liepāja / Latvia
Painters' workshop, Cesis / Latvia

Carrying Light, XV Latvian Song Festival in Canada, Hilton Toronto / Canada
Transformation, large-scale works of the Cesis Plein Air, forest near Rūcamavots, Cesis / Latvia
Zīmējums, Kuldīga Artists' Residence / Latvija

Portraiture in Latvia. 20th century. Latvian National Museum of Art, Rīga / Latvia
Luxembourg Art Fair, Bastejs Gallery, Riga / Latvia
Man in Art, XO gallery, Riga / Latvia
Kiev Art Fair, gallery ArtPromotion02 / Ukraine

Hyperrealism. LNMM Arsenāls, Riga / Latvia
Top In Formation. The Zuzāns' collection. Latvian National Museum of Art, Rīga / Latvia
From Head to Toe. Human figures in the Würth Collection. Museum Würth Erstein / France
Scope Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland with Bastejs Gallery, Riga / Latvia
Context Art Fair, New York, USA with Bastejs Gallery, Riga / Latvia
Luxembourg Art Fair, Luxembourg with Bastejs Gallery, Riga / Latvia
Heritage, Cesis Exhibition hall / Latvia
Wind of Wind, Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku / Azerbaijan
Experimental sidestep, Putti Gallery, Riga / Latvia

Scope Art Fair, Miami, USA with Bastejs Gallery, Riga / Latvia

NordArt, Kunstwerk Carlshütte / Germany
Interaction, art centre cARTc, Budapest / Hungary
Values. Best artworks of 2012, Gallery Riga, Riga / Latvia
From Head to Toe, Wurth Collection, Schwäbisch Hall / Germany

Riga airport VIP centre, Riga / Latvia
Summer Exhibition, Gallery Riga, Riga / Latvia
Art Takes Times Square, NY / USA
"Is it that he does not seek the truth, but does want to influence?", Riga Art Space, Riga / Latvia

14th International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Art Moscow”, Central House of Artists, Moscow / Russia
International art exhibition BUDAPEST ART FAIR 2010 Heroes Corner Section, Budapest / Hungary
Territory of Art, Volkhonka Fine Art Centre, Moscow / Russia
Effect of Synergy, Jurmala City Museum, Jurmala / Latvia

13th International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Art Moscow”, Central House of Artists, Moscow / Russia
Sotheby’s exhibition-sale,  5th - 9th June, London / UK
Scope Art Fair, Basel / Switzerland
Scope Art Fair, Miami / USA  

12th International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Art Moscow”, Central House of Artists, Moscow / Russia      
Art Now, New York / USA        
11th International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Art Moscow”, Central House of Artists, Moscow / Russia  
Europart, Geneva Palexo / Switzerland
Drawings, Jurmala City Museum / Latvia
Innsbruck International Art Fair / Austria  
10th International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Art Moscow”, Central House of Artists, Moscow / Russia
Visions and Reality, Pulchri Studio, The Hague / Netherlands
Power of Body, Riga Gallery / Latvia

Patient Bureau, 9th International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Art Moscow”, Central House of Artists, Moscow / Russia
8th International Print Biennale, Kaliningrad / Russia
No Painting, Tallinna Kunstihoone, Tallinn / Estonia
Now art now future, Print, Edsvik Konsthall / Sweden
Travelling exhibition, Essen / Germany
New Life, Palazzo Reale, Napoli / Italy
Salt of life, Gallery Vartai, Vilnius / Lithuania
Art on paper, Riga Gallery, Riga / Latvia
Miniature, Riga Gallery, Riga / Latvia

Line Art Fair, Gent / Belgium
Fresh Art Fair, Business Design Centre, London / UK
Extension is More Fine Arts, project "Gallery Tour of the Ten", International Club of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Berlin / Germany
Art of the Ten, project Gallery Tour of the Ten, City Hall Gallery, Munich / Germany
8th International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Art Moscow”, Central House of Artists, Moscow / Russia
Rape of Europe, Eskilstuna Art Museum, Eskilstuna / Sweden
Adaption! Latvian Art Now, Estonian Art Museum, Tallinn / Estonia
Latvian Art Invasion, Art House, Tartu / Estonia
Painters, Latvian embassy, St. Petersburg / Russia

Masks, 7th International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Art Moscow”, Central House of the Artists, Moscow / Russia
Adaptation, Exhibition Hall Rotterman Salt Storage, Tallinn / Estonia
Line Art Fair, Gent / Belgium
Fresh Art Fair, Business Design centre, London / UK
Latvian Art Invasion, Art House, Tartu / Estonia

Nothing Personal, Städtische Galerie im Buntentor, Bremen / Germany
Latvia. Surprising Art from the 20th Century, Zvolle City Museum, Zvolle / The Netherlands
Fresh Art, Business Design Centre, London / UK
Identity, Riga Gallery, Riga / Latvia
New Reality. Identification, 5th International Contemporary Art Exhibition ART MOSCOW, Central House of Artists, Moscow / Russia
Interspace, State Museum of Art Exhibition Hall Arsenals, Riga / Latvia

Baltic Art. Contemporary Paintings and Sculptures, National Art Club, New York; International Monetary Fund
Gallery, Washington / USA   


Painting of the Year, organised by Agija Suna Gallery and Swedbank Private Banking (Riga, Latvia)


Estonian Ministry of Culture, letter of acknowledgement from Urmas Paet


Ministry of Culture, Latvia, Residence Grant


Exhibition Art Nouveau in Riga, Gallery Riga, Latvia / 1st prize/


Juried Exhibition Reese Bullen Gallery, Arcata, CA / USA


Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga / Latvia
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow / Russia
Estonian National Museum of Art, Tallinn / Estonia
Parliament of the Republic of Latvia, Riga / Latvia
Private Museum, Münster / Germany
Matti Milius art collection, Tartu / Estonia
Würth Collection, Germany
The Zuzāns' Collection / Latvija
The Leiškalns Collection / Latvija
LMT Corporate Collection / Latvija
Swedbank Corporate Collection / Latvija

Artist catalogues

RITUMS IVANOVS. DREAMERS. Riga: Riga Gallery, 2008
RITUMS IVANOVS. EXPOSED. Riga: Riga Gallery, 2005
RITUMS IVANOVS. A GIRL. Riga Gallery, 2000

Select Editions

"Portrait in Latvia. 20th century. Facial Expressions", Latvian National Museum of Art, 2018                      From Head to Toe. Human Images in the Focus of Würth Collection. Germany: 2012
Creaent: Creative Industries of Latvia. SSE Riga, Latvia: 2012
ART MOSCOW catalogue. Moscow:  2004
No Painting, catalogue. Tallinn: 2005
Galerienrundgang der Zehn catalogue. Berlin: Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Kultur im erweiterten Europa e.V., 2004.
The Rape of Europe catalogue. Riga: Riga Gallery, 2004.
Latvian Art, 20th century. Riga: Neputns, 2002.
Nichts Persönliches (Nothing Personal) catalogue. Riga: Riga Gallery, 2002.
Identity catalogue. Riga: Riga Gallery, 2001