Ritums Ivanovs in Eva Poll Gallery

On 3 September 2004, an exhibition of the works of Latvian artist Ritums Ivanovs opened in the Eva Poll Gallery in Berlin. His works have been often shown in Latvia and abroad and the German gallery shall have a large-scale display 

The exhibition is part of the culture project Kulturjahr 2004-2005 jointly organised by Embassies of the new member countries of the EU and their German partners.  Thus, exhibitions of art from other new EU countries opened in Berlin at the same time. They herald a rich offering of events of the Kulturjahr 2004-2005. This project will introduce the German audiences to applied arts, painting, installations, photography and videoart of the new EU member states. After the official opening of the project in Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Konrad Adenauer Foundation), a shuttle bus took the visitors to all 10 exhibitions of the new EU countries.

The exhibitions in Berlin can be seen until early October. After that, they will be shown in Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

Another exhibition of Latvian art, entitled E.U. positive, opens on 18 September at the Berlin Academy of Art. This exhibition features the works of the painter Inguna Elere, photo artist Kaspars Goba and film director Laila Pakalnina.



LV Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Eva Poll Gallery

Erotic Movie 2002
Ivanovs at "NO PAINTING" group exhibition: Tallinn, Estonia, year 2005