3D art festival

From June 5 to June 8, 2019, the 2nd international three-dimensional art festival “Riga Illusions” will take place at the Mežaparks Culture and Recreation Park of Riga, Latvia. Painter Ritums Ivanovs has been chosen to represent Latvia during the event. 15 internationally recognised artists from 11 countries have confirmed their participation in the festival. Within three days, spectators will be able to follow the process of how unique large-scale 3D paintings are being made on asphalt. 

The International 3D Art Festival “Riga Illusions” is the only festival of its kind in the Baltics, during which artists will master large-scale 3D paintings. Three-dimensional art creates a spatial optical illusion, and when viewing the art work from a certain point, it creates the illusion of spatial reality and the depicted appears "real". At a particular vantage point, a person becomes a member of the scene depicted. In 2016, the 1st International Three-dimensional Art Festival was organized and it was attended by more than 200,000 guests. The closing event of the festival takes place June 8th. Mezaparks is one of the most beautiful, greenest, and also one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Riga, as well as a popular recreation area.

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