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Combining fascinating articles with easy to reference sections on what to discover, experience, shop and taste in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), the Concierge magazine was developed by concierges, editors, hotel professionals and residents that have lived in Dubai for more than two decades, the expert team selects only the finest. The May issue of the mag covers the Latvian Art Month that Ritums took part in. Article by Rachel Ingram
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Ritums Ivanovs in May 2015 Conscierge magazine

Rachel Ingram writes, "Ritums Ivanovs found particular solace in the desert. "One early morning we went to the desert as the sun was coming up and I saw all these colours in the faces," he says. "It was totally different to what I've seen before so I started making photos of people and how they looked into the sun. In a way, that defined my concept: the colours, people's emotions and a close-up on the face. I usually work with cooler tones but here is a different contrast and colour range, so that's the core of my work".

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