Painting with students

September 26, 2013, Ritums Ivanovs led a 3 hour master class with the students of Kuldiga school of arts and humanities, introducing his creation throughout 20 years via a presentation and practically teaching kids to paint a portrait Ivanovs style
The aim of Kuldiga artist residence is to organise thematic evenings and talks with reps of creative industries, designers, architects and artists and the September 26 event with Ivanovs was the first kick-off for the series. Organisers of the residence as well as management of the arts and humanities school wish to provide kids an inspiration on what to stufy further after grade 9, by inviting professionals from different fields to host a talk and workshop.
The Ivanovs master class was dedicated to portraiture: with intense assistance of the painter, the students learned how to master a large scale portrait, using scaling up, acrylic paint, painbrushes and other materials. The event was documented by photographer Martins Cirulis, see photos below. 

More info in Latvian on Kuldiga city website

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