STARS. LIGHTS ON. opening May 20

May 20 until June 30, 2010

Stars: the modern phenomenon of people who everyone tend to be interested in. They are the subject for the press films and television programs. Their each step is followed by reporters, every gesture and movement is of interest 

for the crowd. Yellow press writes about them every day. The people on  Ivanovs paitings also feature in respectable TIME magazine, namely, in 2010, 10th May issue, pop diva Lady Gaga was selected to be one of the most influential 100 people of the world together with Bill Clinton. 

Politicians, musicians, movie actors and sportsmen do get the crowds' unquenchable passion and curiosity, they are the audiences favorite fetish and most hated personalities. 

Ritums Ivanovs has been focusing on exploring of the theme of stars since his 2004 series of works Trade Mark Beauty, when for the first time he portrayed the faces of stars like Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, etc.

The continuation of his research can be now seen in the current series STARS. LIGHTS ON. at Riga Gallery. Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse have been the favourites of world press and public audience, they have also been on top of the list of negative/positive heroes, the fact of which interests Ivanovs.

As compared to the series Trade Mark Beauty, where Ritums Ivanovs dealt with the analysis of the power of beauty that was also reflected in his posh and refined style of painting, we can now see the changes in his handwriting. At his newest exhibition that opens Thursday the 20th, he shall show a more expressive form, figural portraits and the disharmony of the beautiful and the ugly.

On the first floor of the gallery you shall see six new large format paintings with expressive images of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and others, and on the second floor we will exhibit a selected collection of Ivanovs' previous shows to show the origins of his painting style (images of Johnny Depp, Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot etc.).

Ritums Ivanovs (born 1968) is one of the most popular Latvian new generation painters. After graduating from Latvian Art Academy (1994) he studied 1 year at the prestigious Humboldt University in the United States.

In his work he combines the characteristic accurate portrayal of reality with his own technique, the "stripe technology" and his works go on very large format canvases (145 x 250 cm, "She is sleeping" up to 145 x 250 cm). Working on ideas for paintings, the artist uses photo camera, but the painting itself is hand made.

Ritums Ivanovs work has the central theme of human emotions, different emotional states. His characters are both the members of real life, from already existing printed materials like art history books (one-man show "Heroes"), from show business industry promotional photographs (Depeche Mode members' portraits), and even from erotic magazines (solo show "Erotic Film").

Fresh paintings from Ritums Ivanovs, new series STARS. LIGHTS ON. 

Opening May 20 at Riga Gallery

Exhibition curator – Inese Riņķe

Works at Riga Gallery collection exhibition
Stars. Lights On. Exhibition review in "Diena"