Ivanovs next to Warhol at Würth collection 

We are proud to announce that tomorrow, the Latvian painter Ritums Ivanovs himself and his art work will witness the opening of "From Head To Toe: Human Images in the focus of the Würth Collection", an exhibition in the Würth Collection venue at Schwäbisch Hall. Ivanovs works will be displayed together with the works of globally reknown artists such as Gerhard Richter, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Max Ernst, David Hockney, Alex Katz, Amedeo Modigliani , also Picasso, Warhol and Mondrian

The group exhibition "From Head To Toe" encompasses 200 works from 100 artists of the Würth collection. The exhibition, exhibited on on 2.600 square metres, sheds light from diverse points of view on the perception of and involvement with beauty, transience, expressive force, self-questioning and standardisation of the human form and invites you to a fascinating "scenic discourse" concering the changes and constants in the human image. 

The exhibition, with its approx. 200 portraits and depictions of the figure, is capable of providing new surprising insights into its well-known incunabula. Yet the majority of items, including spectacular recent acquisitions, have never been on the view at the Kunsthalle.

The connection between the Würth collection and painter Ivanovs was made after successful cooperation with Anna Sausverde-Ellger, M.A., who since 1986 has been promoting and working with Latvian art, following the opportunities in New York, London, Beijin and since early 90s in Germany. Sausverde-Ellger is the head of Gallery art promotion02 and is representing the Latvian painter in German art market.

The schedule of September 27 exhibition opening is divided into two sets, at 6PM there is the private view at Kunsthalle Würth in Schwäbisch Hall, which is followed by official opening of the exhibition at 7PM followed by a dinner party.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue including Ivanovs works.

The art collection, the foundations of which were laid by Reinhold Würth in the 1960s, today comprises approximately over 15,000 works of art. It mainly focuses on painting, graphic art and sculptures created in the time between the end of the 19th century and the present time. Besides the “Classical Modernity” which is assuming ever more importance and which is impressively represented in the collection by artists such as Max Beckmann, Max Ernst, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Edvard Munch, Emil Nolde or Pablo Picasso, sculptures become increasingly popular. Works by sculptors such as Eduardo Chillida, Tony Cragg, Alfred Hrdlicka, Robert Jacobsen, Anish Kapoor, Henry Moore or Bernar Venet complement the collection. It also comprises large holdings of works by Hans Arp, Horst Antes, Georg Baselitz, Max Bill, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Anselm Kiefer, Bernhard Luginbühl and others.

A special emphasis of the collection constitutes the late medieval Fürstlich Fürstenberg Collection of Paintings which was acquired in 2003. Numerous important works, mainly sculptures, have meanwhile been added to the collection. It comprises panel paintings created by Lucas Cranach the Elder and his workshop, numerous works by the Master of Meßkirch, the Zurich Master of the Pansies, Hans Holbein the Elder and many more.

Exhibition "From Head To Toe" will be open until June 2, 2013.

For futher info please see the websites of the Würth Collection and Gallery art promotion02.

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From Head to Toe. Human Images in the Focus of the Würth Collection + Photos!