The exhibition was hosted by Rigas Gallery in autumn 2002. It consisted of 6 large scale paintings, which remind of the flow and fragmentation of a movie. The images used were taken from mens' magazines and internet sites with certain characteristic mimics and emotions. Here, Ritums Ivanovs technically united photo realism, big-scale fragmentation and contrasting colors plus his own the vibrant vertical lines.

Frame05, a blue painting from this series, was sold in 2009 at the Sotheby's London auction. The Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium was 10,000 GBP. This is noteworthy as for the first time in the history of Latvian art, the paintings of contemporary Latvian painters Līga Purmale and Ritums Ivanovs were sold. Sotheby's is the no.1 world's prestigious auction house and a global company founded in 1744 that engages in art auction, private sales and art-related financing activities.
The fact of success at Sotheby's has ever since verified the quality and originality of Ritums work and paved his way to international recognition.