This 2001 series witnesses a specific character taking the center stage – the hero.
The paintings appear to be masked by an optical metamorphosis, revealing Ritums Ivanovs' insight of the overall effect of the portrait. In the row of apparently incognito faces the observer can recognize images already seen before: Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa (1503/06), Johannes Vermeer’s Meise met de Parel / Girl with a Pearl Earring (1662/1665), Rembrandt (Harmensz) van Rijn’s Self Portrait (1660), Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres’s Mlle Caroline Riviere (1805).

The select creative works of past artists reveal that Ritums has the ability to capture the light in just the right way which connects him with Rembrandt. Forming a structure of artificial frames brings him closer to Leonardo and the use of photographs and the experimentation with pose to Vermeer plus the idealism to Ingres.